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Alex Developer

Alex works on Bespoke E-commerce and Web Development.

Alex is one of 3 web developers at Datadial and the primary project manager for the development team.  Alex has been with Datadial for 10 years.  He is in charge of making sure that development timetables meet their deadlines and ensuring that clients are kept informed about the progress of their project. 

Unflappable and constantly and consistently professional, he is just the sort of person you want on hand when things get hairy.

He is also the main contact for many of Datadial’s clients with whom he communicates in jargon free clear english, which is maybe why they all want to talk to him so often!  He handles daily task management amongst the development team, ensuring that website upgrades and maintenance is performed in a timely manner and that the work load is spread evenly.

Alex Simms