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Mike SEO Analyst

Mike works on Search Engine Optimisation, Link Building & Guest Posting and Content Marketing.

Mike stumbled across the glorious world of SEO whilst at University, jumping into a digital role as soon as he could.


Before coming to us in November 2013, he found himself working as an in house SEO and digital marketer for an ecommerce company based in Kent, where he was responsible for the search performance of several sites based in competitive niches as well as other broader areas of marketing.


Fast forward to now. Mike has been taken under the wing of Matt Sawyer, where he will help manage our list of clients, making sure their sites are performing like well oiled engines. He’s part of a new breed of SEO,  wrapping his inner geek in a veil of chic!


‘Mike could probably join Mensa. He just doesn’t want to’. (Joe Shervell, 2013)

Mike Sparkles