Magento E-commerce Development

Quick and easy e-commerce set up

Magento E-commerce Development

We are pleased to offer a Magento E-commerce development.  Magento’s open-source E-commerce platform is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions available and is a great tool for most e-commerce requirements.

The advantages of Magento are:

  • It is feature rich with a lot of functionality already built in – so much of the hard work is already done.
  • It is very SEO friendly and can easily integrate with your back office systems and major payment providers.
  • The community edition of Magento is free and there are many templates or themes that can be used to help speed up delivery.
  • You can run all of your sites from one platform which is great for larger companies.
  • Magento can handle virtual products as well as actual products just as well.
  • Any bespoke functionality that you need included can be built in on request.
  • You can also use Magento’s CMS solution and Email subscription management solution
  • Magento also links in easily with inventory management tools such as Linnworks

The disadvantages are:

The main disadvantage of Magento is that is requires specialist hosting as it is a “heavy” piece of software.  Left to itself it is a slow platform.  There are ways to get round this however and we can provide optimised Magento hosting to ensure your Magento website is as fast as possible

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