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July 27, 2017

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Over-optimisation: too much of a “good” thing? »

So, what’s the problem? Nothing, if you haven’t been massively over-zealous about how well optimised your website is. Being vigilant and up to date isn’t a problem, the issue Google is trying to fix relates to those link-fiends who have over-used their ‘white hat’ so much so, that is has turned a miserable shade of […]

The importance of blogging regularly. »

Blogging regularly is important for many reasons. The most obvious being that if your want to retain a degree of professionalism (assuming your blog is not a personal one) then it looks better if you are continuously finding new and interesting things for your audience to read. Honestly, how eager are you to get involved […]

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4 Stars For Datadial »

We’re generally fairly publicity shy so it was a great fillip this week to learn that one our recent website builds – Yapp Wine Merchants was awarded “best new website” by Web User Magazine. The pleasure was all the greater given that no PR effort had been made to get a write up. “Wine merchant […]

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Its always nice to get some feedback »

Its always nice when a client emails to tell you how things are going. I have removed the clients details to ensure their website visitor numbers remain confidential. September site report summary Bumper Month with record number of Site visits and Page views Total business During September 08 we had 141,000 visits to our 4 […]

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New recruit to Online marketing team »

I am pleased to announce the arrival of Adam Miller.  Adam will join our growing online marketing team.  Adam was head and shoulders above other interviewees for this position. He showed passion for the subject area, an ability to communicate in clear english,  and he has a string of projects already under his belt that demonstrate his ability in […]