On the subject of domain names

January 21, 2018

On December 2nd, 2009 wrote on the subject of Legal and Financial.

Domain Legality & Appeal: Oasis Case Study »

A few weeks ago I had an interesting discussion with a few attendees to one of our online marketing workshops. The workshops are designed to give small business owners guidance in what they can be doing to improve their own marketing campaigns with advice on link building, creating content and how they could be using social […]

On December 12th, 2008 wrote on the subject of Organic Search Marketing.

Multiple Domain Names- More Harm than Good? »

One common misconception many site owners make is the assumption that: more websites = more traffic = more sales. Logically, this may seem like a good idea- after all, two hands are better than one, five are better than two, right? When it comes to domain names and search engine optimisation- this couldn’t be further […]