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January 22, 2018

On April 9th, 2010 wrote on the subject of Hosting,Internet,Technology.

How website and email stuff works »

Typically my knowledge of domains, DNS settings and A-records is happily restricted to one phrase: “Sergio, can you setup a new site please?” But recently my personal website had issues with the DNS service I was using. I needed to move it, including changing my entire hosting and email. It’s headache material, but it’s one […]

On September 22nd, 2008 wrote on the subject of Organic Search Marketing.

The Definitive Guide To Website Geo-Location In Search Engines »

Being based in the UK I find that SEOs on this side of the pond have to get very familiar with website geo-location factors. It’s an unfortunate quirk of search engines that one of the main criteria that search engines use to determine a websites location is the location of its webhost. If you’re looking […]

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Surface Computing »

Ever thought you could exchange Pictures from your PDA or Camera buy simply placing your device on top of the table, or Placing an order a la minority report style Microsoft have finally revealed Surface Computing a technology where users intereacts with the desktop Completly by touch. Official Surface Computer Site Video Demo By Znet