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June 18, 2018

Google Goes After Brand Names With Its Comparison Engine. »

  Again, Google gets the backs up of companies investing heavily in its services, though this time it’s not through an algorithm update or a change in the webmaster guidelines. Rather, it’s their comparison feature that has sandbagged the major comparison shopping firms. If you’re involved in Travel, Finance or Insurance, you need to be […]

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(Another) New EU Directive: Will it Inhibit or Enhance Online UK Retail? »

A new EU directive has made its way into UK law. The purpose of this new legislation is to both increase customer rights when buying online, and make expectations of customers more consistent across the European Union, thereby increasing cross-border trade through online stores. We all remember the cookie fiasco of 2011, the last major […]

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We’re Being Sued – For Linking To Shopzilla »

(image) If you like crime stories, you’ll love this. ‘True Crime: Hammersmith’ is the story of a deranged criminal organisation (Datadial) and the ensuing legal battle to stop it. Chapter 1. The Best Intentions. On August 17th, 2010; the world was rocked to its core when the Datadial blog posted an article titled ‘Increase Conversion […]

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The New EU Cookie Laws – What You NEED To Know – A Round-Up »

What Is The Law? The new directive is a piece of European Union legislation that has been adopted in the UK. The government have now updated the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, which now means that the EU directive is now UK law. This law requires all website owners to get consent from their website […]

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Domain Legality & Appeal: Oasis Case Study »

A few weeks ago I had an interesting discussion with a few attendees to one of our online marketing workshops. The workshops are designed to give small business owners guidance in what they can be doing to improve their own marketing campaigns with advice on link building, creating content and how they could be using social […]

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The most boring blog post ever? »

Yes, this might indeed be the most boring blog post ever but it does have a point to make. I recently copied the terms and conditions from into a word document.  Lo and behold, Word then revealed all the tracked changes that had been edited, presumably by Lovefilm’s lawyers. Delightfully we are given an […]

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Boring but important – Changes to “place of supply” for VAT »

VAT – are you preparing for new ‘place of supply’ rules? Major changes in VAT legislation are on the way and it is essential that all businesses are prepared in advance to meet the requirements and avoid any possible financial penalties. From 1st January 2010 there will be a change to the basic rule regarding […]