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The most boring blog post ever?.

Yes, this might indeed be the most boring blog post ever but it does have a point to make.

I recently copied the terms and conditions from www.lovefilm.com into a word document.  Lo and behold, Word then revealed all the tracked changes that had been edited, presumably by Lovefilm’s lawyers.

Delightfully we are given an insight into the weasel legal world of small print; for example see how they have subtly shifted any responsibility for lost CD’s onto the member, sorry subscriber, rather than Lovefilm.

None of this is overly important, just a bit amusing but it also reveals the perils of copying and pasting from word into HTML and why you should always use a plain text editor instead.

If you’re interested, and if you are, do you have a life? – I was copying the text so that I could work out how they do their neat subscription model so that I could emulate the concept for one of our own projects.

Here are a couple of excerpts copied from http://www.lovefilm.com/info/terms_and_conditions.html


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  1. Dave Roberts says:


    You are right, we do show the amends of the terms and conditions when we update them.
    These are visible for all to see, you dont need to have to copy them in word and its done on purpose.

    One thing you might have missed is at the top of the page there is a link to show earlier amendments, this will bring up a lightbox of the previous T&Cs.

    This new page also shows amendments from even earlier, all you need to do is click ‘Show earlier amendments from 21st June 2008’ and all of the red and crossed out copy will become visible.

    Sorry, we should have made it a bit easier to understand how to use, but we do try to keep an open archive, for everyone to view whenever there is a change.

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