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April 27, 2018

On August 12th, 2015 wrote on the subject of Blogging.

What it Takes to Publish Actionable Advice like Brian Dean or Neil Patel »

Asked what type of content they’d prefer most readers of requested more actionable advice and case studies like the ones published by Neil Patel of Brian Dean of I know how they make it happen. Indeed I have met Brian in person a few times and he readily disclosed his “secrets” just […]

On June 3rd, 2015 wrote on the subject of Blogging.

How to Let Your Dog Create Unique Headlines for You »

* The Web is full of “me too” content using the same headline formulas. The single most significant aspect of successful headlines is their uniqueness though. People do not want to read again what they know already. They do only for very specific reasons (to confirm opinions). In most cases you need to stir curiosity […]

On May 1st, 2015 wrote on the subject of Blogging.

The Next Level of Blogging: Examples of Video-Channels by Bloggers »

* I have noticed that more bloggers are moving onwards to video blogging and cultivating an audience on YouTube. Blogging is becoming visual literally. Here are some examples where there is no need for fancy settings or a lot of preparation from two different niches: personal development and marketing.   The Hype is Over, Now […]

Your Secret Weapon for Powerful Content Outreach: Native Advertising »

The whole internet may have gone completely content crazy, but developing something great to share with your target market isn’t even half the battle when you’re serious about generating great engagement, squeaky clean links and enviable organic coverage with content marketing. With the web swamped with headlines and ads all fighting to win a click, […]

On November 5th, 2014 wrote on the subject of Blogging,E-commerce,Online Marketing.

Great Examples of Linkbait used on eCommerce Sites »

Content is an important part of any eCommerce site’s marketing strategy. Driving traffic to your website, generating links, increasing your websites search engine rankings and branding and PR are important factors for eCommerce sites. Linkbait is a very useful method for influencing all of these factors. Whether it’s a quirky video or a humorous infographic, linkbait […]

On January 23rd, 2014 wrote on the subject of Blogging,Internet Marketing,Online Marketing,Organic Search Marketing.

Reducing Your Content Marketing to 1 Hour a Week »

I ran an experiment last year. I had a website with no blog. It had lots of pages on a niche topic, but very few readers. I installed a blog and began posting once per month. In a year, the traffic doubled – (I’ll admit it increased from ‘barely perceptible’ to ‘quite unremarkable’, but you […]

On February 14th, 2013 wrote on the subject of Blogging,Internet Marketing,Organic Search Marketing,Social Media.

An Essential Tool for Seeding Your Linkbait – The D.O.G.C.A.T. »

  Linkbait. The One True Love of the Content Makers. That essential tool in the arsenal of online marketer, Linkbait is content designed to attract the attention of other web users by baiting them to link to it (see?). Linkbait isn’t just ordinary content. Blog posts are easy; but making something that your industry will […]

Content Marketing Advice for Buckingham Palace that You Can Use Too! »

Aside from staggering wealth and undeserved attention, one of the things that I’ve always associated with The Royal Family is their strategic but reserved PR coverage. I remember when the Queen Mother passed on. The news was broken by a headed-letter placed at the gates of the palace. 10-Years-On, the world has changed. In the age of […]