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June 18, 2018

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HTML Canvas Cheat Sheet »

This cheat sheet summarizes the complete HTML Canvas functionality, including shapes, styles & color, text, images, transformations, compositing & clipping, animation, pixel manipulation, hit regions & accessibility. It allows web developers to draw all sorts of graphics on the fly, using JavaScript. The tutorial is available to download for PNG, PDF formats and webpage on […]

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My Takeaways from #BrightonSEO »

Brighton SEO has been and gone. If you weren’t there, I’ve taken the time to summarise some of my key take-away points for you in this handy-dandy blog post. I’ll cover the talks I found the most interesting, then end with something of a cheatsheet for prospective which I formed from one of the talks. […]

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5 Tricks Online Retailers Use to Make You Go All the Way. »

There are a million and a half blog posts about how Online Retailers keep their drop-off levels down; but what methods do they have in place to make you loosen up with your spending. Charities have been doing it for years. Getting you to put your hand in your wallet is their speciality. Just when […]

Content Marketing Advice for Buckingham Palace that You Can Use Too! »

Aside from staggering wealth and undeserved attention, one of the things that I’ve always associated with The Royal Family is their strategic but reserved PR coverage. I remember when the Queen Mother passed on. The news was broken by a headed-letter placed at the gates of the palace. 10-Years-On, the world has changed. In the age of […]

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Belated Update on Content Marketing Show »

On the 20th of October a free conference dedicated to the newest trends in the world of SEO and PR took place in London. It was my first conference since I have only been working in SEO for a short while and therefore did not have any expectations. However I was pleasantly surprised at the […]

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The Future of Digital Marketing 2012 »

  The Future Of Digital Marketing I went to the Future of Digital Marketing Conference last week.  I’ve stripped out all the guff and offer you a distilled, bite sized resume of the bits that I think are relevant to our readers. Before going to the conference I thought everyone was going to be talking […]