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January 22, 2018

On December 2nd, 2009 wrote on the subject of Company News,Reputation Management.

Datadial Launch Their Reputation Monitoring Tool »

Datadial are pleased to announce the launch of their online reputation monitoring tool. Designed for business and agencies that wish to monitor the online profiles of their brand, products, key staff and competitors. We have designed the user interface to be as intuitive as possible, with an emphasis on speed of use and productivity, while […]

On February 25th, 2009 wrote on the subject of Reputation Management,Social Media.

Ryanair – Their Attitude To Online PR Part Of A Bigger Reputation Problem »

A throwaway comment on a blog by a Ryanair staff member has led to an online storm that now threatens to spill over into the national press and potentially harm the already tarnished reputation of Ryanair even further. It all started when a Dublin based web designer Jason Roe posted on his blog that he […]

On September 4th, 2008 wrote on the subject of Reputation Management.

Reputation Monitoring On The Cheap »

Reputation management is going to be a massive growth area for brands over the next few years. Imagine the power in being able to monitor, track and aggregate everything that people are saying about your company and brand online, on blogs, websites, forums, everywhere in fact that your potential clients can find it. With more […]

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Reputation management – What is it? »

THE SHOCK If you don’t read and respond to this post I will sully your brand by writing vicious articles about your company and I will make sure these articles appear top fo search engines. Yes, this is the sort of world we live in now where criminals and less than scrupulous companies will seek […]