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January 18, 2018

The 3 Options for Making Your Website Mobile and a 4th. »

All of the briefs we’ve received this year have included a request for a ‘mobile version’ of the proposed new site. But what does this mean? And do I hear the creak of an overloaded bandwagon? Just as 2011-12 was the year of the Social Strategy [with no specification as to what that actually means], 2013 […]

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Social Media Tactics: Travel Companies »

It’s time to answer the age-old question: How do Travel Companies use Social Media? Two questions arise first: How do they convince their audience to keep them in their networks, among their friends and family? And how do they convert Social Media users into customers? Below is a review of some of the biggest names […]

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6 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Page for Graph Search »

I’m going to Paris in a few weeks. Should I  turn to Google and review sites to find restaurants and places of interest to visit, or would I rather turn to more trusted sources, like my friends?   I’m going to prefer recommendations from my friends, of course. This is the genius of Facebook Graph […]

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How the Daily Mail Became The Worlds Most Read Newspaper »

Love it or hate it, the Daily Mail has always had the power to shock. With its daily obsessions over immigration and ‘human rights insanity’ to a determination to cover every tiny detail about the Royal family and celebrity stars, the paper has an almost equal share of critics and fans. Yet although this British national newspaper is […]

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An Essential Tool for Seeding Your Linkbait – The D.O.G.C.A.T. »

  Linkbait. The One True Love of the Content Makers. That essential tool in the arsenal of online marketer, Linkbait is content designed to attract the attention of other web users by baiting them to link to it (see?). Linkbait isn’t just ordinary content. Blog posts are easy; but making something that your industry will […]

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Google Authorship: Your Agent, Promoter, and New Best Friend! »

    ‘Google Authorship’. You’ve probably heard it being bandied around and if you haven’t taken the time to look into it, now’s your chance. Google Authorship will arguably prove to be the most significant tool for building rankings that Google has ever introduced; and if you’re smart about it, you can start benefiting immediately. […]

On November 21st, 2012 wrote on the subject of Organic Search Marketing.

Is Video a useful SEO tool? »

Is Video a useful SEO tool? Nearly 4 years ago, Nate Elliot made the groundbreaking claim that properly and strategically indexed video pages are 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results than their text-based cousins. Why? There were simply fewer videos than web pages. Brands and video-makers who took the […]

On October 25th, 2012 wrote on the subject of Organic Search Marketing.

EMDs Don’t Make the Final Cutts »

If you are at all familiar with the concept of classical conditioning, then you should understand why roughly half the webmasters in the world wince every time Matt Cutts (Google’s head of search) mentioned a change to their algorithms. We’ve been burned too many times by the likes of Penguin, Panda and the fold algorithm […]