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SEO Industry Survey Results [Infographic].

A few weeks ago we asked a few folks on Twitter to complete a short (okay, maybe not that short) 22 question survey, looking specifically at the business side to working in SEO. We asked the all important questions, including:

  1. Where are you based?
  2. What kind of business are you?
  3. How many people work in the business?
  4. What other services do you offer besides SEO?
  5. How many clients do you currently manage?
  6. Do you contract your clients for a set period of time?
  7. What is your usual client contract arrangement (i.e. how do you charge for your work)?
  8. Your average charge per month for SEO services?
  9. Typical client retention period?
  10. Biggest issues facing your business today?
  11. Biggest barrier to sales?
  12. Biggest source of leads?
  13. What activities are included in a typical campaign?
  14. Link building tactics- what tactics do you employ for the majority of your campaigns?
  15. Do you buy links? (what SEO survey would be complete without this question? ;))
  16. What 3rd party tools do you subscribe to?
  17. What keyword tools do you use primarily?
  18. How long on average do you spend reporting to a single client?
  19. What metrics do you include in your standard reports?
  20. How did you get into SEO?
  21. What skills do you consider to be the most important skills for an SEO?
  22. Have you ever had a site penalised?

The results of the survey are pretty interesting- take a look for yourself below:

SEO Industry Survey

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We’ll be releasing the source data as promised in the next few days. Let us know how your company compares to these averages in the comments below!

9 comments on SEO Industry Survey Results [Infographic]

  1. Jack Stonehouse says:

    Question 2 – 64 % Agency, 13% Agency?

    Is that not just 77% Agency?


  2. @mario_luan says:

    Amazing infographic!

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  4. Geoff Jackson says:

    I think I participated in this survey from a link Matt posted on the UK Business Forums.

    Do all the figures for the results represent the quantity of people that answered with that answer? Couldn’t it have been produced as a percentage (where possible) so that it proves easier to see the split across the industry? I can’t really make sense of the results, none of the figures add up (for example: 128 from the world map (Q1) and then 134 from the how many people work in the business (Q3) and then 180 for what is your biggest barrier to sales (Q11)…

    Where more than one answer could be selected, this could have been specified in small print under the question so that viewers know that the percentage is calculated on a per answer basis rather than out of 100% across all answers.

    As it currently is, I think the data is just not presented well enough and the results to inconsistent for any real value to be taken away from the survey…

  5. michael balistreri says:

    …not uncommon for most businesses to acquire new clients via word of mouth yet for this study, interesting how few land new business via the medium they practice.
    You zany European marketing blokes!

  6. Aaron Bradley says:

    I also noticed the error in the stats that ascribed “freelancers” to “agency” – good to see that was corrected.

    But I’m curious, not having seeing the original survey: was “in-house” not one of the options? Was this solely for SEOs with external clients? If so, wondering why this class was excluded. Thanks for any thoughts on this.

  7. Adam says:

    @Geoff- Multiple answers were available on some of the questions. I take your point on marking which questions allow multiple answers- will see if I can get this added, if not will definitely make a note of this next time.

    @Michael- judging by the average company sizes and the additional services offered this suggests many SEOs are too busy worrying about their clients! :)

    @Aaron- in-house was represented in the survey, however this accounts for 1% (very few responses from in-house SEOs in this sample set). Obviously these statistics will differ greatly when including more in-house SEOs- this is purely based on all of the data we have collected. Would be interesting to ask the same questions to in-house SEOs only and see how the answers differ.

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