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January 22, 2018

On September 21st, 2015 wrote on the subject of Datadial,Internet Marketing,Pay Per Click.

53 Steps to Ultimate PPC Success for Small Business »

53 Steps to Ultimate PPC Success for Small Business Regardless of your industry, the tactics you can employ to make life easier for PPC management remain the same. This infographic (from us to you, with love) breaks down 53 considerations for Pay-Per-Click success. If you want to share this infographic around with anyone who can […]

On September 21st, 2015 wrote on the subject of Datadial.

How One Piece of Content Gained Over £30,000 in Value… »

How One Piece of Content Can Change Your Marketing Forever …Essential reading for marketers looking for ideas… It’s something I thought I’d never say, but I now believe one solid piece of content can change your marketing efforts forever… As all good digital marketers know, solid Content Marketing is built around content that provides a […]

On September 11th, 2015 wrote on the subject of Technology.

WordPress, Drupal, Ghost? The Best CMS for Each Use Case »

* What is the best CMS (Content Management System)? There is no simple answer to this question. Depending on who you are and what you want to achieve the best CMS will be different in each use case. What are the best use cases for WordPress Drupal Ghost and other tools besides blogging?   Content […]

On August 12th, 2015 wrote on the subject of Blogging.

What it Takes to Publish Actionable Advice like Brian Dean or Neil Patel »

Asked what type of content they’d prefer most readers of requested more actionable advice and case studies like the ones published by Neil Patel of Brian Dean of I know how they make it happen. Indeed I have met Brian in person a few times and he readily disclosed his “secrets” just […]

On July 8th, 2015 wrote on the subject of Social Media.

Content Promotion for Busy Business People »

* I know, creating content is already hard enough, but when you add promoting that content to the brief, and many give up from the start. They publish only occasionally and do not spread the word about it. How can you make your content appear on the radar without spending hours per week on promotion? Also: How […]

On July 8th, 2015 wrote on the subject of Inspiration.

Unorthodox Practices to Get Attention »

* Yes, I could have said “unusual ways” but I haven’t. Sometimes using uncommon words can catch the attention of potential readers. What are other practices to cut through everyday dullness of the average frustrated John Doe procrastinator? Trying to make life a bit more meaningful? How to stand out from myriads of “me too” […]

On June 9th, 2015 wrote on the subject of Organic Search Marketing.

How to X-Ray Your Competition’s Backlink Profile to Steal Their Links »

* Even in 2015 Google still ranks websites mostly by counting and judging the incoming links pointing at them. Not much has changed at the core of the link-based algorithm in the last decade or so. Thus it can be very useful to determine who is linking to competing sites to literally copy or even […]

On June 3rd, 2015 wrote on the subject of Blogging.

How to Let Your Dog Create Unique Headlines for You »

* The Web is full of “me too” content using the same headline formulas. The single most significant aspect of successful headlines is their uniqueness though. People do not want to read again what they know already. They do only for very specific reasons (to confirm opinions). In most cases you need to stir curiosity […]


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