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Digital PR is a term that has been making waves within the communications sector over the past few years, due to the influx of online content, however, many are unsure on its meaning or how it differentiates from traditional PR.

There tends to be two types of Digital PR professional – One that holds its roots in traditional PR and one that identifies themselves as a ‘Link Builder’ still having flashbacks of Googles 2011 Penguin update.

Traditional PRs tend to derive from a time where print was gold and digital PR coverage was seen as the poorer sibling. They spent their time drafting press release after press release, pitching to journalists over breakfast, lunch and dinner whilst rocking up to every event within a 30-mile radius of their office.

A Link Builders work revolves around the quality of their content and the stats that accompany a site, taking several other factors into account that elect whether the client deems it a successful campaign.

Both Traditional PRs and Link Builders have seen their roles fuse together and adopt the perhaps now overused phrase, ‘content is king’.  Combining their knowledge of SEO and using traditional PR methods in order to obtain links that will futureproof a brand SEO, Digital PR professionals are somewhat working within two roles.

What is Digital PR

Digital PR is a method used by brands in order to increase their online visibility.  Forming relationships with journalists, Digital PR professionals pitch quality content to e zines that hold a high Domain Authority in order to gain high value back links to the client’s site. In short, the Domain Authority of a site represents a websites value to the user which is determined by Google.

What is the difference between Digital PR and Traditional PR

Traditional PR has one major objective – stirring brand awareness whilst portraying a positive message in an esteemed magazine that looks aesthetically pleasing. Circulation figures come under the spotlight when reporting, as the goal is to ensure that the brand becomes and/or stays, a household name.

When Digital PR is conducted following the correct processes, a brands online search visibility is improved and their reach increased through effective onsite SEO.

What makes a good press link?

This is a question that is asked time and time again and the answer can be quite complex.

In short, a great PR link is obtained within a website that holds a high Domain Authority.  The link is to appear within a piece that is relevant to both the brand and the feature itself with the associated anchor text. The press link should never look out of place or ‘surprise’ the reader.  Ultimately, the press link should feature within meaningful and relevant content that is useful to the reader and valuable to the publication.

The power of a link

For the greatest impact, Digital PR should sit within an overall SEO Marketing strategy. A Digital PR campaign works to strengthen selected landing pages and take advantage of what users are searching for.

Measuring the success of Digital PR

Reporting within the traditional PR realm can be deemed quite ‘fluffy’. There are no true statistics that can represent a definite account of the success of the coverage itself.  It is with this in mind that perhaps digital PR shows its worth.

Digital PRs are required to take into account Google webmaster guidelines, the quality of a link, relevancy and trust flow.

Reporting the effect of a Digital PR press link often involves tracking the referral traffic that incurs from each link. Measuring organic traffic also plays as a factor, keywords that are included within the PR piece itself are also likely to increase traffic to the brands site.

In terms of reach, it is also crucial that syndications and mentions are always measured throughout a campaign.

Digital PR should not be treated as a luxury ‘add on’ to your brands marketing campaign.  It is a vital tool to ensure that you future proof your brand whilst ensuring that you are always front of mind for your target audience.