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January 21, 2018

On October 21st, 2008 wrote on the subject of Company News.

We Are Recruiting! Looking For A .NET developer »

Yes, yet again we are recruiting for a .net developer.  Do you know any super geeks or just normal people who would love to work in an expanding web development agency, who can think on their feet and work tirelessly from morning to nightfall and beyond.  More details about the role are on our main […]

On October 20th, 2008 wrote on the subject of Company News.

Its always nice to get some feedback »

Its always nice when a client emails to tell you how things are going. I have removed the clients details to ensure their website visitor numbers remain confidential. September site report summary Bumper Month with record number of Site visits and Page views Total business During September 08 we had 141,000 visits to our 4 […]

On October 7th, 2008 wrote on the subject of Company News.

New recruit to Online marketing team »

I am pleased to announce the arrival of Adam Miller.  Adam will join our growing online marketing team.  Adam was head and shoulders above other interviewees for this position. He showed passion for the subject area, an ability to communicate in clear english,  and he has a string of projects already under his belt that demonstrate his ability in […]

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4 new site launches demonstrate our design and programming skills »

We are pleased to announce the launch of 4 new sites this month.  Each one demonstrates a different skillset that we can provide here at Datadial. New – e-commerce launch: One for the ladies. As usual this site is fully updateable by the client and includes stock control, dispatch notes, customer management, full reporting and […]

On September 18th, 2008 wrote on the subject of Company News,Industry News,Organic Search Marketing.

SEO Buyers Guide – Free Download »

Datadial have launched a revised second edition of their SEO buyers guide. The guide is designed to take the confusion and guesswork out of buying SEO services. One of the main problems facing the SEO industry is that buyers often aren’t clear on exactly what they are buying and why. The problem arises when less […]

On July 15th, 2008 wrote on the subject of Company News.

The Perfect Office Environment »

In many ways the perfect work environment can dramatically improve the productivity of employees whether they are working from home or the office. This topic is often overlooked, especially in small businesses where the main concerns are profit margins, not pot plants and natural light! All too often (especially in the IT industry) employees are […]