, Pay-Per-Click-Advertising – Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Pay-Per-Click-Advertising – Dynamic Keyword Insertion.

June 20, 2007

Dynamic keyword insertion is a little known trick that can really help to improve ad click through rates and help to reduce overall advertising costs.

When users search queries appear on the search results page they appear in bold text as in the adverts below.


This attention grabbing bold text helps to improve the click through rate of the advert. Sometimes it’s not practical to create 100’s of different adverts for combinations of different search keywords that searchers may use.

It’s possible to set your adverts so that they match the exact keywords that the search engine user has used to trigger your ad. This means that all of your adverts will display the exact search text used each time.

The correct syntax to use dynamic keyword insertion when writing your ad titles is: {keyword: } You can even add text before or after your keyword. Such as Buy {keyword: } or {keyword: } Cheap.

You can also use capitalisation,

{keyword:} will make the title small
{KeyWord:} will capitalize all the words in the Google AdWords ad title.

Imagine that you are running an ad for lots of different makes of cars, by writing an ad like this,


Will mean that a user searching for “BMW” will see this,


Or a user searching for “Ford Escort” will see this,


Notice that the dynamic keywords can be inserted into any section of the ad, the ad title, body text or even the URL.

What if a keyword is searched for that isn’t on your keyword list?

The text that is inserted after keyword: is your default ad text. So if someone enters a serach query that isn’t matched exactly to one of your specified keyword terms, then your ad will revert to it’s default,


Although dynamic keyword insertion can work really well at maximising the number of relevant visitors to your site, increasing click-though rate and keeping your cost per click low, it should be very carfully managed and monitored to ensure that you’re only bidding on terms that are relevant.

E-Bay is a good example of what can go wrong when dynamic keyword insertion isn’t monitored closely,