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Epic 2015.

I’ve just returned from a frantic couple of days at SMX London. As usual there were some really great discussions on the current trends in search marketing, SEO and Social Media. Many of these made more sense in the bar afterwards for some reason. There will be a complete roundup of the best tips coming over the next couple of days.

In the meantime I really wanted to post a video that Ciaran Norris from Altogether Digital showed during his session – “Old Or New – The Future Of Media” Slideshare here

Certainly the most thought-provoking session of the day for me, the original version of this was made in 2005, and it’s scary to think how close to reality many of the events and prediction in the short actually are, and how many aren’t too far from reality.

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  1. Really thoughtful piece of work, particularly in view of the recent rumblings from the 4th Estate last month when Rupert Murdoch and Co had a pop at Eric Schmidt and The Big ‘G’. In context, it minds me very much of a very old ‘reel’ I saw back-in-the-day, that had been put together in 1960s by engineers at the old Post Office Research Centre at Bletchley Park. They were doing a bit of ‘imagineering’ and forecasting future technological developments. Got a lot of them spot on, but didn’t get the tsunami-like growth of either mobile phones or the Internet! To be a good forecaster – forecast often!

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