Is Social Media A Fad? The Social Media Revolution.

August 17, 2009

Is social media a Fad? A lot of people believe it is. I hear countless times that Facebook will go the way of MySpace and that the Twitter bubble will burst. Maybe they’re right, or maybe they’re falling into the trap of believing that everyone uses the web in exactly the same way that they do.

When you actually break them down, the numbers and stats surrounding social media are truly staggering.

Some of my favourite social media stats……..

  • 77% of active internet users read blogs
  • 700 million pictures re added to Facebook monthly
  • Digg attracts 236 million users per month
  • 40 % of journalists use blogs to research their stories
  • 13 HOURS of video is uploaded to YouTube every MINUTE
  • Flickr contains more than 3.5 billion pictures. That’s one for every 2 people on the planet
  • 5 billion minutes spent on Facebook each day

For many many more have a watch of this……