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Matthew Fox or Matthew Terry from Fox Draper.

Does anyone know this Matthew Fox from a company Fox Draper.  He also goes under the name of Matthew Terry.

The little weazel conned me out of some money for telemarketing services which I stupidly paid for upfront and he has now disappeared.

Do you know him? Have you had a similar experience? please let me know.


Here’s the ruse he used:

He promised to bring in leads and said I would only pay him the remainder of the funds once he had bought in an agreed volume of qualified meetings.

He asked me to set up an email account which he could use in our name.  He provided a contract and an address at Witheringdon Hill, Burwash Common, TN19 7JN, or at Unit 3 Bedgebury business Park, Goldhurst, TN17 2QZ (or 2Q2)

All seemed legitimate but once the money was paid we never heard from him again.

Since posting the blog post I have spoken to two companies who were about to deal with him but found this blog post first.   For them he claimed to have worked for Eroll E-commerce, D3R Media in Chichester. For us he claimed to have worked for Screen Pages.

If you do speak to him and confront him then he will pretend that the reason I have posted this blog is that we fell out.  This is not true – we never had a chance to fall out as he disappeared with my cash before we even got started.

Anyway please do add your comments below if you have had a similar experience or know how I can get hold of him.



Subsequent to this post and the subsequent uncovering of further businesses who have been similarly affected Matthew Fox/Draper/Terry was arrested in April 2012.  He initially pleaded not guilty to the 16 charges of fraud against him.

The day before trial he pleaded guilty to the offences.

On November 22nd he was given a prison sentence of 18 months for all crimes to run concurrently (so 18 months in all).  Below you can see the posts that started this process off.

Personally it gives me no pleasure to see Matthew in prison but hopefully some good will come out of this.  I believe all victims are still waiting for their money to be paid back which I presume is unlikely.

Thank you to all those who found my post and commented



50 comments on Matthew Fox or Matthew Terry from Fox Draper

  1. Mark Taylor says:

    Matt Fox did a goodish job for us. He is usually very reliable. He lives in a place called Salies De Bearn in South West France and also has a home in Kent. I will dig out French contact details for you.


  2. Simon says:

    He pitched me yesterday morning and we were about to do a deal when I saw your post and challenged him politely on it and asked him for contactable references. At which point he has now decided he doesn’t want to work with us, so thank you for alerting us to the potential risk. Rather strange behaviour, he seemed nice enough in our meeting.

  3. Juliette says:

    Hi, yes I think he is the same guy who conned us out of money for generating sales leads though he went under the name Matthew Terry and was working as the solution sales company. I have been onto Trading standards and need to chase them, so suggest you do the same. I was connected to him through Linked In and saw that his name had changed and he worked for Fox Draper now, he foolishly had not removed me as a contact. We went round to his house but he was not home, his wife/partner was there and she was very hostile so we know we got the right place. Is the picture up here of you Rob or of Matthew, it would be good to know what the little weazel looks like. Juliette

  4. Rob says:

    Thanks Juliette, definitely the same person. He posed as Matthew Terry to Simon (above). I will contact trading standards. What is his linked in profile? – I cannot find it.

  5. Juliette says:

    Hi Rob, He seems to have renoved his Linked In profile now but these are the addresses that I have for him :

    Address UK:
    Address Unit 8
    Crouchs Farm
    East Hoathly
    East Sussex
    BN8 6QX

    Maison Aglionby
    Le Bourg

    His home address is:

    Solution Sales Company Limited | Waterloo Barn | Witherenden Hill | Burwash Common | East Sussex | TN19 7JN
    these are the numbers that I had for him… he never returned my calls once we paid him…

    01435 882960 and 07400339932

    This is the address that we visited to see if it was a legitimate address and it most certainly was his home. We visited there on the 21st May 2011.

    Simon, I would be very interested in the numbers that you have for him now as he has disconnected the landline number above.

    It took 6 months or liaising with Matthew before we actually went with him as we had a limited budget and wanted to use it wisely and make sure we were making a good decision!!! We contacted 2 references who seemed legitimate and I have since contacted them , post being ripped off, and they mainitain that he was helpful to them. I think he may have been legitimate in the early days but has since decided it was easier to con people.
    Any info etc anyone can give to try and collar this charlatan would be greatly appreciated as we are a small company and he took 3 months marketing budget from us, aslo the time wasted etc etc.

  6. Ed says:

    Hi all. We’ve got the same story!

    Alas, we parted with some cash in April. We were quite suspicious at the time, because we couldn’t find any record of Fox Draper at companies house. His story seemed pretty convincing though and he seemed genuine enough. There was nothing negative online at the time. I guess all we have that is legitimate is a bank account, so the bank might be worth pursuing.

    I will ponder the next move…

  7. Dave Roberts says:

    I know the guy you are after and he is actually quite a succesfull bloke. I have no idea why he has caused you guys so much bother. But i had heard that he was really ill. So perhaps that is somthing to do with it? I have held meetings at his home in the UK and a friend of friend has borrowed his house in France. He is clearly pretty well off. I do know that he seperated from his wife recently and spends most of his time in France and she lives at Waterloo Barn in England. The mobile no i have for him is 07400339932.

  8. Simon says:

    Hi we also have fallen to this guy, the last correspondence we had from him was on the 10th May, 2011. He told us he had a heart by pass and has been recovering and would contact us a few weeks after when he returned to work. Prior to that we heard he has buggered up his leg again and was staying at his house in France until he got the green light to return …. We’ve since tried contacting him many times and the land-line we had for him appears disconnected, the mobile we had just goes to voice mail. Came across this posting so was interesting to see similarities. The numbers I had for him was also the same both don’t work any-more. 01435 882960 07400 339932 – his email I had was [email protected]

  9. Simon says:

    Urge people to report this chap for fraud. -non-supply of service.. http://www.actionfraud.org.uk/ – I’ve done this and mentioned this blog posting of people with similar issues.

  10. Rob says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments. Sad that this is my most commented blog post ever!

    FYI We have written to his branch bank manager at:
    Branch manager
    Barclays Bank
    High Street
    BN7 2JP

    You may wish to do the same.

  11. Matthew says:

    Due to some extremely challenging issues in my life I am unable to fulfil your contracts. Additionally, I am not a conman as previous clients have testified to some of you. All refunds will be made in the next 30 days. I would ask though that address details of my estranged wife and children be removed from this blog as to protect their security and privacy. Please feel free to email me with your details for a refund.

    Best regards,


  12. Ed says:

    Interesting comments from Dave Roberts.

    Dave – can I ask how you stumbled on this thread? I’m guessing everyone else here was actively searching for Fox Draper / Matthew Fox because of strong suspicions of fraud. Just curious as to how/why you came across it?

  13. Juliette says:

    Thanks Simon, just contacted: http://www.actionfraud.org.uk/ and they were very helpful, they said that the more people who contact them the better, so that we can build a decent case against this Matthew, they give you a crime number and pass all the relevant info onto the right people in order to try and bring him to justice.

  14. Rob says:

    Matthew I have sent my bank details via email
    Once you confirm that our money has been refunded to me and all parties above we will remove pertinent details

  15. Juliette says:

    Great Matthew! Look forward to receiving the compensation as well for the amount of man hours wasted on chasing you down, letters written, files made against you, worry and hassle you have put just me and my family through, let alone all the other people on this blog and others who may not have seen it. Other people lives have extremely challenging issues within them too but normal people would at least communicate this to the numerous people you have left hanging in limbo and out of pocket!!! You have crawled out of the woodwork now because your name is negatively plastered across the internet, had this not occured I am very sure you would have had no communication with us. You have a massive house in France and in Sussex, do the right thing!!!

  16. Rob says:

    FYI – If you ask the police to call the Barclays Police Liaison Unit on 01604 252073 with our crime reference number (NFRC110500251095), they can take the case further.

  17. Ian McInnes says:

    Rob – thank you for your blog post. We paid Matthew Terry a deposit in February and he has failed to do any work for us. Our story is very much like yours. He recently promised to return our money on 27th June, but this did not happen.

  18. Ian McInnes says:

    I took a look at the IP address from the blog admin and it’s a BT Internet address. It’s registered as being in the Leatherhead area, but this isn’t always 100% accurate. It does however suggest that Matthew is in the UK rather than France.

  19. Pete says:

    Hahaha brilliant I’ve been waiting for this day… Great blog… Nice to see people rumbling this little fat xxxx. Conned us out of money… Not a lot… But enough to really annoy me and waste loads of time on trying to track him down… Whatever he says YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR MONEY BACK… he is a very good con man and will say anything to confuse you and put you off his scent. I too tracked his IP address to leatherhead. He was very confident and infact a great ‘salesman’, as I said to him, it’s a shame he didn’t use it for good legitimate purposes where I’m sure he would’ve made a lot more money…. Gutted Matthew Terry, I told you this day will come.

  20. Pete says:

    Have reported all details to action fraud…. :-) Send us a postcard from inside big man

  21. Matthew says:

    As my Solicitor said on Friday he has never heard of a fraudster who put his own home address on a contract. He also queried as to why nobody has written to the address on the contract to officially ask for a refund. As for the IP address stupidity, i once played golf in Leatherhead but have not been anywhere near the place in years. I guess that says it all about “Technology Box” and its technical capabilities. As for my movements i spend time in two countries England and France as i am fortunate enough to have homes in both countries. I suggest you all send details of your claim for a refund in writing to the address on your contract and i am advised you should also send a covering letter stating that you will accept the refund in full and final settlement and make no other claims against me . As i have had to tolerate being called all sorts of names on this blog i wish to state that i have neither a criminal record or have ever been involved in any kind of con or fraud. My solicitor will therefore be taking legal action against the author of this blog this week. Finally, as soon as i have received the letter your refunds will be paid immediately.

  22. Ian McInnes says:

    Matthew – please read my post again. It included a caveat about the accuracy of the location checks. It’s a bit daft to use this as grounds for making rude comments about my company. Just give back our money.

  23. Matthew says:

    Pete, how’s business?

  24. Matthew says:

    What is this bloody Leatherhead business?

  25. Lynton says:

    We had forgotten about Matthew until someone contacted us out of the blue for a reference. We were disturbed to find him mentioning us (D3R) and our some of our clients in his approaches to others.

    He worked with us for a period of 3 months. He did help us find one project however he was not involved in closing the deal. Beyond that he did very little other than invent fictitious appointments in order to claim bonus payments before disappearing at the point he got found out.

    We did not pursue him as the quantity involved was not huge and it became clear he was already in a desperate situation and had a young family. We also assessed there was little chance of recovering anything.

    Not really one for being bitter but I wouldn’t like to think he is getting more work on the back of selling us as a happy client. It is a shame when someone has to resort to these sort of tactics to try to make a living and I genuinely feel for those that have lost their hard earned cash to him.

  26. Matthew says:

    Lynton, How much money did you pay me and how much was the project worth? Also was it my job to close it ? How big was the brand? What was the ROI for you. I rest my case. For your information. I do not mention you as a client, i only mentioned you as a good example of how to position a web company amongst a sea of dross and morons.

  27. Juliette says:

    Matthew, we wrote to all the addresses we have for you asking for a refund and have received nothing!!

  28. Matthew says:

    Juliette, just send me an email. Stating that the refund is accepted by you as full and final settlement of the matter.

  29. Lynton says:

    Matthew, are you really saying you think you behaved in an honourable manor?

    1. Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.

  30. Matthew says:

    As i remember Lynton i had to apologise to the client because you couldn’t even get to the meeting on time. I suggest you answer the question instead of trying to be a smart ass.

  31. Roger says:

    Just wanted to put a note on Lyntons comment saying “it became clear he was already in a desperate situation and had a young family.” Matthew Fox conned us out of over £600, we are a small company and I have young children who I pay for honestly. He has said he has two houses so the he has obviously conned allot of people. Lets hope more people view this blog and come forward.

    Maybe people can create their own blogs with similar comments and we can link them to ensure that they appear at the top of a Google search for this conman. Come on everyone get linking.

  32. Matthew says:

    I am down on web developers and I shan’t quit ripping them till I do get buckled.

  33. Elliot says:

    I’m another dissatisfied customer. As requested by Matthew, I’ve written to request a refund – but I guess I don’t hold much hope of getting it – just glad it wasn’t the £3,000 he was asking for! If it doesn’t arrive, I’ll follow your actions and report him.

    • Rob says:

      Consumer Direct (08454 040506) has been very useful and offered some good advice. They would urge everyone to report your incident with the Action Fraud (www.actionfraud.org.uk or 0300 123 2040) which will help them build a case.

  34. Jo says:

    Has anyone had any money back from this crook yet ?

  35. Ed says:

    Matthew Fox is a dishonourable, unscrupulous liar who has blatantly defrauded my company for over £1000. He has been incapable of honouring any contractual commitment he has legally signed up to and has not responded to any emails requesting a refund. He has been given every opportunity to respond and rectify the situation.

    I would not trust him as far as I can throw him. He is shamefully dishonest human being and I would be more than happy if he never finds gainful employment in this country again.

    Having emailed him last week to request a refund – as he suggested – I prodded him again today to say I would be writing the above on the blog. I just got a reply:

    F*%$ off you self important little c$#£!

    I don’t think there’s anything else that needs to be said…

  36. Matthew says:

    Ever read Flashman Ed?

  37. Elliot says:

    Despite requesting a refund as suggested, I have heard nothing. I’ve now reported the matter to http://www.actionfraud.co.uk – and would urge anyone else affected to do the same.

  38. Dominic Johnson says:


    We were conned out of £2,000 last June, same story as above.

    I took him to court, won but could not get the money out of him.

    In the process of trying to get my money back I tweet’d about him being a conman – 5 people contacted me to say they had been conned out of £10,000. He then contacted me to say he would actively contact our clients and make up a load of rubbish about us if I did not remove the tweet. He even reported me to the police for harassment.

    I have reported him to the trading standards. I urge you to do is the same – they need more than 1 report to prosecute. What makes me sick is that I trusted the guy and he tricks small businesses like mine who cannot afford to lose the cash.


  39. Dominic Johnson says:

    I have made a report to http://www.actionfraud.org.uk ref: NFRC110800265160

    My reference for Trading standards is SE3652075, Tel. 08454 040506

    We have to make them take notice, please do report him.

    He doesn’t live in France by the way, he lives in the rented house in Sussex.

    The talk of refunds is fabrication, I even went to the trouble of drawing up a contract which he agreed to and just ignored.

    He finds it impossible to tell the truth and so doesn’t bother. He does however eat plenty of pies!

  40. Dominic Johnson says:

    The hilarious thing is that you almost expect people to take you seriously. Is it me that has had to change his name to avoid being tracked down? So yes please post this fake / made up police report conman!

    You are deluded, who has been refunded? Get them to talk out.

    So for the record – nothing you have said here or at any other time has been the truth and unlike you I can proof it. You move so often (leaving unpaid rent and bills in your wake of course – see CCJ’s at Lewis crown court) I cannot trust the addresses I have for you and so cannot get my lawyer onto you for slander. Also, your professional conmen are skilled at avoiding retribution.

    I was contacted by one of the other “clients” already to say they have reported you on the Action Fraud site and expect the other 4 to do the same. But as you say, you have nothing to worry about because it is me and all these other descent hard-working people who are wrong.

    This has clearly rattled your cage – brilliant, finally you are going to get your comeuppance.

  41. Dominic Johnson says:

    Please see previous comments about your ability to tell the truth – no point in replying, totally pointless. I remember going to court but you were not there and as you know they found in our favour. I then put a charge on your bank accounts but you had cleared them out. I went to the house on your companies records but only found your old landlord who you owed 8 months rent – he thinks you’re a great block! But he must be another odd person.

    Enough of this, I will not reply to any further posts – I have added my point. Yes please pop round to my office and give me your new address. I am at the old fixed address I have always been at – very traceable, very honest.

  42. Matthew says:


  43. Tina says:

    Has anyone anything to report regarding Matthew yet ? has anyone managed to obtain any money back ? or aware of his movements ?

  44. Tim says:

    Well, he’s still up to his dirty tricks this year. Took £3,600 from us in March into a NatWest account in Lewes and delivered nothing. After months of chasing, I finally discover the trail of other folk who fell for his highly plausible ploy.Declared bankrupt together with his wife in November 2011.

    So who was running the NatWest bank account in Lewes in February/March 2012 as ‘Sales Connections’ and passing our cash to him?

    I can’t see there’s much chance of us getting our money back but we’re doing all we can to help the justice system take its course.

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    […] gentleman named Rob Faulkner publicly chronicled his dealings with a man that went by a few different names in relation to a telemarketing service […]

  46. Sharon O'Shea says:

    My company has been the subject of fraud in 2016. I think this is the same man. He now goes by the name of Matthew James Sims. If any one else has had recent experience please contact Sussex Police.

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