This is an e-commerce website selling Porsche car parts and cars.  The site and its cousin site www.ppcgb.com have over 100,000 products listed.

We started working with Design911 in 1998 so we know each other pretty well now.

The site has had many iterations to reach the high performance that it now has.  The current one, although not the prettiest website in the world has been the most successful.

Conversion rate optimisation

As well as the design and build on Datadial’s own e-commerce software we also are in charge of promoting the website in search engines and on increasing the conversion rate using via Conversion Rate Optimisation techniques such as heat mapping and user testing techniques.

This testing helped inform what changes should be made on the site such as simple changes to the checkout process and have had a 15% increase on conversion rates. This means a 15% increase in revenue: a remarkable return on a small investment.

Search Engine Friendly

In 2008 We redesigned the site so that it was even more search engine friendly, the number of pages being indexed and ranked in Google increased to 70,000 and visitor traffic doubled in the first six months.

The site undergoes constant improvements and amendments to improve usability and to increase conversion rates.

See case study below on how we have made this site such a success.


Bespoke development for Porsche Fitting Centre Website

On this site you can book appointments to have your car serviced or fitted with new parts

Client can add service centres

Service centres can log in and set their availability calendar and manage appointments

Built by Datadial’s bespoke .Net development team

Design911 – bespoke e-commerce – Porsche parts

Porsche Parts E-commerce Website

see website www.design911.co.uk

Most clients now want their site built on commercially available software, preferably open source. However there are times when proprietary software can be the best option.

The design911 site is built on Datadial’s first iteration of its own e-commerce software, launched around 2004. It has had functionality upon functionality added to it and yet still the underlying software has been resilient and robust.

If it had been built on a purchased e-commerce software it’s very likely that we would have come up against limitations many years ago.  As it is we have been able to build on and expand the site without any issues as we have total control of the source code.

Over and above the all standard  e-commerce functionality  this site includes:

  • abandoned basket email functionality,
  • tyre finder,
  • fast part finder,
  • find parts via part diagrams digitised from car manuals,
  • automatic feeds for Google and Ebay,
  • integration with Orderwise stock control system
  • bulk imports
  • payment by bank transfer
  • kiosk functionality for use in garages for touchscreen
  • mobile website
  • and much more

How have we managed to work together for so long (since 1998) and still get on?

As one of our first clients we are proud that we are still working on the Design911 website after so long and still adding more and more functionality to their site.

To the credit of Design911 they are willing to try out new ideas to grow their business online.  Sometimes these work, sometimes they don’t, but as both companies view the relationship for the long term it’s an accepted principal that this will be part of the process.

We originally came together from an Advert that we had placed on Loot, free ad newspaper (pre Gumtree et al). If you remember Loot then you’re probably getting on, like us :)

Visit site www.design911.uk