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This was one experiment that could not go wrong


If you remember science lessons at school then you'll probably appreciate this website.  We built a system to allow science teachers to request experiments from Lab technicians.

Built from scratch it allows teachers to set their own lesson periods and timings, request experiments and specify equipment

Lab technicians log on and can view, accept, reject experiments. 

The crux of the website is the multi view and interactive calendaring facility that we built from scratch. 

Want to experiment with using Datadial? Click here

What we do for LabLogger

Web Design, Content Management Systems and Web Development

Robert, Kolen, Kerry and Steffan worked on this project.

Visit: http://www.lablogger.co.uk

Client Feedback

Please can all the changes go live - fantastic work, as usual. All working according to spec.

Einan Snir, LabLogger