Family heirlooms and gifts

MyFamilSilver is a market place for silver dealers to sell their wares.

The complex-to-build, easy-to-use site brings together auction houses and dealers interested in selling silver items, enabling the user to browse the listings by their family crest or by item type.  In essence, it is a mini-ebay for silver dealers.

This business concept is fantastic but the client wasn’t sure how to make it work online.  We immediately saw ways by which we could add sparkle to the business and it’s now riding high on the crest of the silver marketplace wave.

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The site is also the first page on google for “signet rings”.

This was a large and fun project.  We digitised dusty old 19th-century books full or armourial information and family histories. We created an exhibitor subscription system which handled all the monthly invoicing  for items that had been listed.  Items that were posted by exhibitors go to create the market place.

Each item is purchasable and where appropriate linked to a family crest. We also created more bespoke e-commerce for products where you can add your own family crest.


The unique part of this website is the crest finder.  This enables dealers to identify a crest on their silverware and to establish to which family it belongs.  These families then get alerted that there is a piece of silver with their crest on it.


My Family Silver – infographic design – Beginner’s Guide to Understanding a Coat of Arms

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