Turtle Mat sell doormats and lots of them

They have taken the humble doormat and transformed it into an artform.

We built a beautiful responsive, e-commerce website.  Among many features built into the site there is dynamic product product display automatically showing the best selling items, and related items.  Also intelligent 404 pages show alternative products rather than just an error and the basket shows related items to help increase average order values.

Call Centre Software

In addition we were tasked with developing a system that would combine web orders taken via a traditional well-designed customer facing website with telephone and mail orders taken by a fully functional call centre web application that could handle hundreds of orders and resulting live payments a day.

This is all then integrated with Turltemat’s fulfillment house.

TurtleMat – web based call centre software – bespoke e-commerce

Part of an e-commerce project linking Call Centre, Fulfillment House and Website.

Turtle Mat have customers who like to order online or by telephone.  There was an issue in that their telesales team had no access to online orders or customer information.  So people ringing up to enquire about an order were often given the incorrect information as the telelsales team had no access to online orders.

Turtlemat use an outsourced telesales company who are used to working with their own software, so it was a challenge to build them something that would be easily adopted and easy to use.  When we produced the final call centre software for them we were told that it was the best that they had ever used from a 3rd party provider.

Now when ever any calls to discuss an order which was placed online, or if they look up an order online which they placed by phone they get the same information. Telesales staff also now have access to all the online offers and promotions running at any one time.

The integration of the call centre software was part of an e-commerce project linking Call Centre, Fulfillment House and Website all together.

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Susan Leaver