Digital media solutions

Visual Data provide provide creative and media supply-chain services to some of the world’s largest entertainment brands.

In english this means they facilitate delivery of media to broadcasters.  Historically this was by tape couriered on a bike, now it’s all done digitally.

Visual Data have now gone global and have offices in London and LA.

Website redesign

We built their main company site in WordPress. This is a brochure website.

Bespoke Application: Asset Management

We have also build a series of bespoke applications for faciliatating delivery of digital assets to broadcasters such as Amazon, Netflix and Itunes.  These Asset management tools are  essentially giant and very complicated drop box used by media producers.



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Visual Data – Meta Data Tool for Media broadcasters

Meta Data Tool for Production Companies

If you create media for TV or Film and want to send it for broadcast for channels such as Netflix, itunes, then it needs to be sent in the correct format.

We created a meta data software for production companies. It enables them to upload their meta data and for the software to format this for all the approriate platforms – Netflix, Amazon, Hublu, Microsoft, Itunes, and many more.

Sounds easy? It’s in fact a very complex tool that integrates various other bits of software and took a year to build.  It also uses SSO

Unfortunately it’s all password protected but if you would like to know more please contact us.


Visual Data – infographic design – The World’s 16 Most Eco-Friendly Buildings


RE:IO – bespoke applications – Video distribution

From upload to meta data to archive. assisted Quality control included

File management system. A sorf ot Wetransfer but for super massive files