Online Retailers – Changes To Your Website Security.

June 25, 2007

You may or may not be aware of the recent changes that have happened to Switch cards.  Switch is no more and has been fully replaced by Maestro (part of the MasterCard family).  This change occurred earlier this month and all websites have been updated to remove the Switch logo and replaced with the Maestro logo.

Further to this Mastercard are implementing security to all Maestro transactions from 30th June 2007.  From this date all online retailers will have to use a security protocol called “3D Secure” if they wish to continue to accept Maestro transactions.  3D Secure encompasses Verified-By-Visa and MasterCard SecureCode and is basically an extra layer of security used to prevent against card fraud.  During the checkout process, after entering their card details, customers will be redirected to their bank or card providers website where they will need to enter a password which they set up with their bank or card provider.  If they have not set up a password they are given the option to do this online.  If all the security details check out then the transaction is completed as normal. 

3D Secure has already begun to be implemented by us on all of our e-commerce websites.  For clients who use Protx as their payment provider the changes do not need to be in place until August 2007.

For more information on these changes click here.