Valuable resources for web designers.

June 23, 2008

My bookmarks toolbar in Firefox is full with great websites at my fingertips to keep up to date with what is happening in the web design industry.  I have recently moved to London from New Zealand and I accidently left my great list of resources behind – whoops! I really should get into online bookmarking!

So I’ve had to rebuild my bookmark collection and thought it would be nice to share some them with you here (in no particular order…)

  • Web Designer Wall – perhaps my favourite website of all, the mixture of news, tutorials and resources is just spot-on!  And the site looks so pretty :-)
    Spoon Graphics and Design Reviver are in a similar vein with that magic combination of content.
  • Best Web Gallery is a great spot for research and inspration.  I really like it how this gallery doesn’t discrimate about the technology used on the featured site, like there are Flash sites mixed in with Web Standards sites – but they are all chosen because of their outstanding design.
  • A List Apart – the authority and cutting edge on web standards developments.  Publishing techniques like the Faux Absolute Positioning is just invaluable, and illustrations are just so gorgeous…
  • Which brings me to illustration websites.  Unfortunately most of the great illustration sites I used to have bookmarked were ones I’d stumbled upon by accident, but Keven Cornell’s site is a superb website that inspires me before I even read a word!
  • Signal vs. Noise is a must read for anyone in the web world.  Likewise for other blogs by the industry leading guys such as Douglas Bowman, Jeff Croft, Mark Boulton and John Hicks.  I still miss Andy Clarke’s old blog, but keep an eye out for the occassional post at Stuff & Nonsense :-)
  • Design Float is a great website that collates other blog posts about web design.
  • Other design resources like ColourLovers (perfect for fleshing out colour schemes), Photoshop brushes, free fonts and more tutorials.
  • Viget Inspire is a great blog by the web designers at Viget, addressing many issues regarding web design.
  • And last but by no means least is the Web Standards Group email list.  Over the last year or so I’ve found that the list itself can be rather tedious at times, but then once a week Russ Weakley puts out the Links for Light Reading which is a summary of what’s going on around the blogosphere and in the web design/standards world.