Google Trusted Stores

A Google Trusted Store is essentially Google’s seal of approval for businesses. It’s awarded to merchants that prove they can offer an exemplary customer service that’s worthy of Google’s endorsement.

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How could being a Google Trusted Store help my business?

With a Google Trusted Store endorsement, your ad stands out, not only in presence, but also visually. By awarding your store this badge, Google is telling audiences that your business offers great customer service, and it’s one Google’s proud to put its name to.

So how do you get it?

Becoming a Google Trusted Store can be a long process, but isn’t as hard as you’d think (especially since we do it for you). It’s not a secret club and it doesn’t require a membership fee. It’s all based on how well you treat your customers, and what they think of your business. The whole set-up is done through Google and has three stages. The first is a series of forms describing your business and creating your store account. The next is technical integration with Google Trusted Stores so they can monitor your store. And the last stage is the monitoring process.

How does it work?

To gain a Google Trusted Store rating, you have to go through a Google monitoring process. It can all seem a little scary. But if you’re proud of your business and what it can achieve, you have nothing to worry about; plus we’re here to help you along the way.

Your store will be monitored by Google for 30-90 days, where Google will track things like buying, selling, reviews and overall customer satisfaction. During those days, we will help you with hints and tips to make the process as easy as possible and ensure you pass and gain the rating you deserve.

What happens when I gain Trusted Store status?

Beside your ad, you will notice a circular, multi-coloured, tick. This tick shows potential customers that Google trusts you. And if customers trust Google, then your credibility just skyrocketed. The tick itself will also have a visual impact on your shop link. It may not seem like much, but it can have a noticeable difference to your click-through-rating (CTR).

Aside from Google’s little badge of trust, Google will also give you and your customers free purchase protection. This will cover you for up to £1000 and you get Google’s help if you ever need it.

How does Datadial help?

To put it simply, we sort out all the boring details, so you don’t have to. The sign-up process of becoming a Google Trusted Store can be a lengthy process of forms and integration, which may be why Trusted Stores are a rare commodity. We’ve helped many merchants become Trusted Stores and are well versed in the registering process to become one.

We believe that your business should be your priority. So while we handle the marketing, you can concentrate on your customers.