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January 23, 2018

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How to Check a Link is Live (and Scrape It’s Anchor Text) Using Google Docs »

I’ve been using Google Docs to keep track of links built to client sites and to track the progress of any link removal work. Occasionally I’ve noticed links have either been removed, the linking page no longer exists, or the links reported in that incredibly useless ‘sample link report’ are wrong. As SEOs/link builders/content marketers/inbound […]

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Belated Update on Content Marketing Show »

On the 20th of October a free conference dedicated to the newest trends in the world of SEO and PR took place in London. It was my first conference since I have only been working in SEO for a short while and therefore did not have any expectations. However I was pleasantly surprised at the […]

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The Future of Digital Marketing 2012 »

  The Future Of Digital Marketing I went to the Future of Digital Marketing Conference last week.  I’ve stripped out all the guff and offer you a distilled, bite sized resume of the bits that I think are relevant to our readers. Before going to the conference I thought everyone was going to be talking […]

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Remember when..there was more than one search engine »

I recently found this leaflet in the bottom of my draw.  It shows how all the different search engines used to relate to one another and how they got their results. It bought back memories of how it used to be in the search engine game.  It also shows how long we’ve been in the […]

On May 22nd, 2012 wrote on the subject of Industry News,Organic Search Marketing.

The Non-SEO Guide to The Penguin Update »

There has been a lot of discussion around the search marketing industry over the past few weeks thanks to what many consider to be a pretty major update released by Google. There has been a lot of speculation that has followed with some good and not-so-good advice as a result. With all of this information […]

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I like you but Facebook thinks you are dull »

This post is to do with Facebook and how to get seen in people’s news feeds. The problem is that every time you log into to Facebook it has about 500-800 possible items that it could show you in your newsfeed.  How on earth does it decide which are most relevant to you? And how […]

Fawlty Towers and Trolls SEO strategy – have you got the balls? »

  We all know that if a customer is unhappy that they are 10 times more likely to complain than if they are happy. Well poor service could be a fantastic opportunity to improve your SEO. Let’s say you run a restaurant.  Consider a situation where for a day you deliberately gave all your clients […]

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Social media: a fool’s paradise »

            Calling all Marketing managers, Social Media agencies Can anyone send me a small business social media case study where they can definitively show a positive return on investment? Please include time spent promoting as well as other expenses and the revenue generated. Do not include SEO/PPC revenue. Whilst “social […]